We do Creative direction:
brand strategy & identity Design

We bring your brand identity to life

Setting the visual stage for people to get a deep sense of what your company is all about. That’s our speciality. We work with creative direction within identity design and visual content creation. Through a strategic approach we help your brand come to life – even in the smallest details to give life to the right emotions. 

Way up north in the remote areas of icy and stonecut Greenland is a special hotel project created in a strong collaboration between local tourism ambassadors, companies and Real Dania. We have done interior design for 15 cabins, a restaurant and a conference area. Using nature’s materials, we have translated the rough surroundings into a hotel setting that never takes focus away from the actual sightseeing: Nature itself

Tanja Bruun Nørgaard
Creative Consultant

We live and breathe esthetics. At Hoffmann Studio, we combine our unique sense of nordic beauty with business strategy, ingenuity and stellar execution to create more than you imagined your brand could be. 

Pernille Hoffmann Køppen
Owner & Creative Director

The hotel experience starts way before booking and the actual stay

 Hoffmann Studio offers creative direction with the focus on  customer habits. The hotel experience starts on the sofa when the customer is looking for a hotel. The creative direction must connect all the dots to the actual stay at the hotel to how we make sure the guest signs up for the newsletter to come back years later or recommend it to others.

In an ongoing project, we have helped Hotel Icefiord in Greenland with visual identity, room and restaurant interior design. We are the strategic partner for the hotel working closely on digital strategy and a complete customer journey including street signage, uniforms and digital marketing. 

Since 2012, we have created visual identity and interior design for Topas Ecolodge in Vietnam. With the guest at the heart of every decision, the 33 mountain bungalows at the lodge are designed with respect for the beautiful local surroundings using natural materials. We work with all aspects of the customer journey from digital media to physical objects and human interactions.

My Favourite Collection is an exclusive collection of pillows created by Hoffmann Studio from idea and product design to sales and marketing. The challenge of the project was to turn the ethnic embroidery from Vietnam into a high end life style product for the eclectic consumer. 

Putting customer journeys into the physical world

The studio is started by Pernille Hoffmann Køppen. With her background in interactive design, she brings the ideas of the customer in focus and customer journeys to the world of physical design.