Pernille Hoffmann

Art Direction & Photography

I’m Pernille, an Art Director and Photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty of food, flowers, and lifestyle, all through the captivating perspective of garden life.

My distinctive style embraces a rustic, earthy, and alluring aesthetic, enabling me to craft compelling and immersive imagery that transports viewers to the heart of nature’s charm.

Gl. Saltenvej 2, Gl. Rye, DK-8680 Ry
Mobile +45 31 38 77 86


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Green stories and 
installation design

I am a seasoned photographer with over 15 years of experience as an Art Director. My expertise lies in the realm of the ‘green universe,’ encompassing gardens, food, and the artistry of flowers.

I’ve authored books dedicated to the art of campfires, independently published through my own publishing platform, Backyard Books. Additionally, I curate a webshop and maintain a blog under the name Backyard Stories, where I share culinary delights and offer a carefully curated selection of my favorite products for sale.


Tribute event 2024: Honoring the Artistry of Tage Andersen

Flower festival in Tivoli Friheden

Since 2020, Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus has hosted a vibrant 5-week summer flower festival, enlisting a diverse array of garden architects, designers, and horticultural experts to metamorphose the park into a captivating realm of blossoms, hues, and fragrances.

I’ve been an integral part of this event since its first year, contributing concepts that have materialized into a greenhouse bar, charming garden pavilions, creative ideas for compact gardens and balconies, and a quaint garden shed that I fondly refer to as the ‘Shed of Stories.’ This enchanting space features ornate perennial displays on the exterior, while its interior showcases a treasures of vintage cases, each narrating its own unique tale.

Articles about bonfire food

In 2019, I authored a small book devoted to the art of ‘Food Over an Open Fire’. Since then, my journey has led me to enlighten audiences through lectures, host delightful bonfire soirees, and craft an array of articles and recipes for various distinguished daily publications.

At present, I have the privilege of regularly contributing my culinary work by providing bonfire-inspired recipes to the readers of the Danish Nature Conservation Association’s exclusive members’ periodical.